Saturday, January 30, 2010

Celebrity Doppleganger Week on Facebook

Weeks ago on Facebook many of us saw what seemed like every girl changing their status so a different color. While it was fun to watch all the guys wonder what was going on, there was an actual reason behind it (besides messing with the men). Women were informed to post the color of the bra they were wearing at the time in order to raise more awareness for breast cancer. It seems to have been one of the more popular things to spread like a virus on Facebook since the "25 things about me" posting that went around, and is now featured weekly in Us Weekly.

Well right now there is a new one making the circuit--Celebrity Doppleganger Week. People are changing their profile pictures to celebrities that they have been told they look like or that they themselves think they look like. There are so many people where I look at their doppelganger and think "yes, that is spot on" while others I think are just doing a little bit of wishful thinking :-)

I decided to take part in the fun only to realize I don't personally think I look like anyone in particular, nor have I been told that I look like any particular celebrity. Upon making this discovery I decided to see if there was a website that could help me out. And of course, there is....

My Heritage is just such a website. Under the Celebrities & Fun tab you have an answer waiting right at your fingertips. All that needs to be done is to download the toolbar and then upload a picture of yourself--easy peasy lemon squeezy. I did all this and here are my results:

Tell me what you think!