Sunday, December 13, 2009

Disney's Give a Day Get a Day Program

The other night I was playing around on Facebook--killing people on Mafia Wars and seeing what my friends have been up to. One of my girlfriends out in California posted a link for a campaign Disney is running called the Give A Day Get A Day program. I enjoy Disney, more so now that I have a little girl, so I checked it out.

How awesome is this?! You donate one day of your time and in return you get a free ticket to a Walt Disney World or Disneyland theme park!! Not only do you get a free ticket, but you get that warm and fuzzy feeling inside knowing you did some much needed volunteer work. The program doesn't start until the first of the year, but you can go to the website now and sign for emails. Once January 1st hits you can search for something you want to volunteer your time to at one of their participating organizations.

If you like volunteering, check it out. If you like Disney, check it out. If you like the idea of a free ticket you definitely need to check it out! Who knows...volunteering this one day of your time might spur you to start volunteering more of your time to those who need the help!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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