Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Funny Job Interview Story

My daughter is getting older now and so I have decided to try and get back into the work force. I have updated my resume on and other sites and started getting daily emails pertaining to available sales positions. There have been a few jobs that have peaked my interest, but nothing I have wanted to really fight hard for.

Last week I applied for a sales position for a dating service. Let me clarify, a dating service as in "we're in the business of finding you your soul mate" and not dating service as in call-girl service...LOL. I applied and got a response back pretty quickly for me to call and schedule an interview--the next day I set one up for this week. Yesterday I drove an hour to go to this interview. I was probably more curious about the position than anything since I didn't even have that excited, butterflies in the stomach, kind of feeling.

Was that missing feeling ever justified! I get in there and start talking to the manager, who was a very poor interview if I must say, and she tells me they are looking for someone to be a one-time closer. And by a one-time closer she meant someone that upon first meeting with a potential client gets them to commit to becoming their client and paying the $8,000 fee. That's right--$8000!!

It was so hard for me to not bust out laughing at the thought that this company gets people to pay them $8000 to find them a potential husband or wife. There is no way in hell I would pay that kind of money to find a husband nor do I know anyone who would. After dropping this awesome nugget of information into my lap she asks me if this is even the kind of sales position I am interested in, to which I respond no, "I'm not interested in high pressure sales." Which is exactly what that is. I turn down offers to be a car salesman all the time because I am not interested in high pressure sales. At least when you are looking for a vehicle you know about what you are going to pay!

This short interview ended with a "Thank you, but no thank you" and I left, smiling cordially and dying to get outside and laugh out loud and call my husband and my friends and tell them about what had happened. Almost the whole ride home I was talking to either my husband, my mom, and two of my girlfriends telling them about this company and the services they offer and what they charge for it.

I think a mail-order bride might be cheaper...and if it doesn't work out you might get your money back!

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